PEX Plumbing Uses

6 Applications for Plumbing Parts

Over the course of the past half century or so, the use of flexible plastic tubing for plumbing has gradually made inroads into the previous standard of copper piping. Although early plastic tubing had some characteristic flaws, the introduction of a product known as PEX has evolved into the modern standard for efficiency in residential and commercial construction.

While copper and sometimes aluminum tubing may never completely disappear, the introduction of PEX pipe, fittings, and tubing has simplified numerous plumbing applications. It is adaptable for diverse uses because it can withstand both hot and cold water temperatures. It can be used indoors or outside as it can withstand a wide range of temperatures and conditions including steam and freezes.

Today, PEX plumbing is widely used in residential new construction and retrofit construction solutions, and is also frequently specified for commercial applications:

Radiant Floor Heating
PEX is flexible and adaptable, perfect for slab or crawl space applications

Boiler to Radiator or Baseboard Heating Systems
Available in different diameters and lengths, PEX lasts because it won’t rust, corrode and be damaged by heat.

Recirculating Hot Water Systems
Durable PEX is the professional choice for ready hot water throughout a home.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Because it’s user-friendly and suitable for use in varied temperatures, PEX pipe and tubing is the modern solution for residential and commercial cooling. It won’t dry out, crack or become brittle in cold conditions.

Hydronic System Loops
For radiant heating, ice melt applications and circulating cold water systems, PEX plumbing is cost-efficient, practical and long lasting.

Outdoor Irrigation Systems
PEX has opened up new possibilities for residential landscape irrigation because it can be installed directly in dirt and is not affected by pests or temperature variations.

The major advantage of PEX plumbing, over copper or aluminum, is its flexibility and the ease with which it can be installed and connected. PEX coils up to 1,000 feet in length, and it is available in sizes ranging from 5/16th to 3/8th and all the way up to 1 inch, making PEX the new “gold standard,” ensuring that both retrofits and new installations are better, faster and easier. 
As with most new developments, PEX required the development of a new generation of PEX fittings and connectors. These specialty fittings maximize the potential of flexible PEX.

A new generation of “made in the USAPEX fittings represents another step forward, making PEX even more efficient and cost-effective. Water Armor supplies the industry with specialty connectors and state-of-the-art fittings that are specifically designed for use with PEX pipe and tubing. 

Mechanical configurations available include threaded, crimp, standard tee and reducing tee options, in addition to a variety of elbows and drop ear fittings. These all-purpose components are manufactured from high-quality ECO BRASS, and are suitable for use with hot or cold water, in both residential and commercial applications. 

The sophisticated parts are certified for use in all potable water situations, and they are available in standard sizes. They are all manufactured to resist corrosion, rust, mineral buildup and freeze damage, and they will give many years of reliable service when used as specified.

Whatever your plumbing supply needs are, we have a product lineup, with competitive pricing. When you require certified lead-free, reliable, durable products, rely on Water Armor plumbing parts