½” Lead-free* PEX [Crimp] ECO BRASS® Coupling

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½” Lead-free* PEX [Crimp] ECO BRASS® Coupling Image

1/2 pex coupling

½” Lead-free* PEX [Crimp] ECO BRASS® Coupling

Model Number:WAEC330JJ

Model Number: WAEC330JJ

MADE IN AMERICA. The Water Armor®, ½” Lead-free* F1807 PEX Coupling made from ECO BRASS® alloy is ideal for your plumbing project. The Coupling configuration is best used for plumbing projects that require two half-inch PEX tubing sections to be joined together. The product is used for both commercial and residential plumbing installations. The Coupling is composed of two PEX crimp barbed ends for use with PEX tubing and crimp rings. Our Lead-free* ECO BRASS® alloy provides outstanding dezincification resistance and is safe to use for potable water applications in all 50 states, including California.

We are the preferred plumbing part provider to leading American plumbing supply warehouses.