¾” Lead-free* PEX [Crimp] Reducing Elbow

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¾” Lead-free* PEX [Crimp] Reducing Elbow Image

¾” Lead-free* PEX [Crimp] Reducing Elbow

Model Number:WAEL430JJ

Model Number: WAEL430JJ

MADE IN AMERICA. The Water Armor®, ¾” to ½” Lead-free* F1807 PEX Reducing Elbow made from ECO BRONZE® alloy is ideal for your plumbing project. The Reducing Elbow configuration is best used for plumbing projects that require a change in direction of the plumbing line and a transition from ¾” to ½” PEX tubing. The product is used for both commercial and residential plumbing installations. The Reducing Elbow is composed of two PEX crimp barbed ends – one ¾” and one ½” – at a 90 degree orientation, for use with PEX tubing and crimp rings. Our Lead-free* ECO BRONZE® alloy provides outstanding dezincification resistance and is safe to use for potable water applications in all 50 states, including California.